Are Cat Fountains Worth It and How to Buy One?

Are Cat Fountains Worth It and How to Buy One
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Cat fountains are a fun and exciting way to make your cat happy about drinking their water. Is your cat a messy drinker? Do they play with their water bowl instead of drinking out of it?

Have you already taken steps to get your cat to drink more water, but those methods didn’t work? You’re wondering if cat fountains are a real solution to getting your cat to drink more water?

In this article, we will explain the pros of using a cat fountain to finally answer the common question "Are cat fountains worth it?" We will also give you an idea of what to look for when you are ready to buy a cat fountain.

Why Are Water Fountains Beneficial to Cats?

There are multiple reasons why a cat water fountain might be a good idea for you and your cat. Here is a quick rundown of why:

Cats have a low thirst drive.

In the wild, many cat’s water intake would only come from the food they ate, which would be from meat. Therefore, they don’t have the same sensation to drink water as we do. If your cat isn’t that thirsty and you may be worried about their intake, you should find other ways to get them water.

Cats won’t drink out of stagnant water sources.

Have you ever noticed your cat is more interested in your dripping faucet or shower? It’s because they enjoy watching the stream of water pour down so that they can lick it.

Cats are picky about what they drink

Cats are picky about what they drink.

Tap water contains added minerals and chemicals that your cat may not enjoy. That’s why it’s important to give your cat filtered water. This may even up the amount of water they drink.

So, as you can see, a cat water fountain is a better way to get your cat to drink water. It’s the perfect mix of all three of those issues, and you’ll be able to rest assured that your cat will at least get its daily intake of water.

Are There Any Other Pros to Cat Fountains?

Cats have been known to love moving bodies of water. While they don’t ever want to jump into one, many of them become mesmerized and try and swipe some away with their paw.

The fountain will automatically go on every time your cat goes near it, causing them to be interested and intrigued about what it does. This will get them to investigate and ultimately try to drink some water from the fountain. That is why if you just give them a regular bowl on the ground, they would ignore it.

What Cat Water Fountain Should You Buy?

There are a few features you should look for in every cat water fountain. Some are designed to help your cat, while others may cause your cat to drink less water. Instead of investing in the wrong type, we’ll give you a quick guide on what to look out for:

Choose a fountain that has a wide drinking surface.

Cat fountains should be wide enough to allow your cats to drink without coming into contact with their whiskers. That is because wide drinking surfaces help your cat know that their head is safe or won't be stuck when they place it on the product.

The logic behind this is that the cats' whiskers allow them to sense nearby objects, so a wide drinking area that doesn’t touch your cat's whiskers lets them know that it’s safe to drink out of it.

Opt for models that offer multiple ways for the cat to drink out of one fountain.

When choosing a cat fountain, there should be a bowl, a fountain area, and a wide area. Giving your cat different drinking options can be a better way to get your cat to drink.

Those that also have a top bowl that the cat can use to drink out of it are also the best models. Square-shaped fountains are also great as the shape allows the fountain to fit into corners of the room or efficiently on a countertop.

Are Cat Fountains Worth It

Keep a lookout for constant water movement.

If the fountain doesn’t have a continuous flow, then the water has a risk of growing bacteria and infecting the rest of the water. You don’t want your cat to be digesting built-up bacteria that will ultimately make them sick. Always make sure the fountain is working properly throughout the day.

Get a glass or ceramic water fountain.

According to experts, the best cat water fountains would be those that are made of ceramic or glass materials and have a low drinking surface. These types of materials do an excellent job at getting rid of smells and stains. Plastic will do just the opposite, and that may repel the cat from drinking out of it.

Read about the best ceramic cat fountains in my other article.

Are Cat Fountains Worth It: The Conclusion

Cat fountains don’t always work with every cat, as every cat has a different personality. If you have a curious little pet that enjoys watching objects throughout the day, then yes, a water fountain can be a great addition to your home.

Soon your cat will learn how to drink from the fountain once it's gotten familiar with it being around. Just, make sure to always place it in an area where you don’t want anything else getting wet and one where your cat can reach it. Also, always choose a cat fountain that has the features we have mentioned.

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