Best Cat Water Fountain of 2020 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

Best Cat Water Fountain of 2018 – Complete Reviews with Comparison
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Cats become mesmerized when they see a running stream of water. Not only is it commonly found in nature, but it encourages your pet to drink more during the day.

You may find that you have a pet that just refuses to drink out of its water bowl.

You’ve tried cleaning it, shoving it towards your pet, and may have tried to get it to drink the liquids.

If all other methods have failed, you should consider investing in a cat fountain.

Cats are known to be picky with their water because their taste buds can detect unpleasant odors.

In this article, we will review five of the best cat water fountains of 2020 and explain all the pros and cons of each product.

We will also provide you with a buyer’s Guide and answer some common questions pet owners have about best cat water fountains.

Cat Water Fountains Comparison Chart

Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews 2020

1. PetSafe Drinkwell Cat Fountain

This large-capacity cat fountain has been designed to be used by multiple pets. It has a free-falling stream, which can help get your cats and dogs interested in drinking water. Out in nature, you’d find animals drinking from waterfalls, rivers, or streams, and this is exactly what this fountain is trying to mimic; hence, making it more exciting for your pets.

Product Highlights

This best cat water fountain can hold up to 100 ounces of water at once, making it perfect for families who own multiple pets. Any water that is placed into the fountain is filtered through a carbon filter, which helps remove unpleasant tastes and odors that can be found in regular tap water. There are also two separate bowl levels, upper and lower, which allow two animals to drink from it at the same time.

The PetSafe fountain has a low voltage pump which helps it filter water without making any noise, so you’ll hardly notice it during the day or at night. The best part about the quiet operation is that cats or puppies won’t get scared by hearing the traditional gurgling sound that other pumps make.

Lastly, it’s BPA-free and easy to clean. Instead of messing around with disassembling the unit, you can instead rinse it off and place it in the dishwasher.

What's to like about the PetSafe Drinkwell Cat Fountain

This unit features a large drinking well that can hold a considerable amount of water. This comes in handy if you’re trying to provide enough water for two or more pets. Also, with its large bowl, there won’t be any fighting because there is enough water as well as space to go around for all animals. What is better is that smaller animals such as kittens or puppies can drink from the bottom while fully grown animals can drink from the top bowl.

What's not to like about the PetSafe Drinkwell Cat Fountain

The downside with this product is that it stops pumping the water once it reaches half-point, which means that you’ll need to refill it every few days.


  • check
    Large water capacity
  • check
    Encourages drinking
  • check
    Efficient filter
  • check
    Two bowl levels
  • check
    Quiet operation
  • check
    Easy to clean


  • Won’t pump remaining water

2. Catit Fountain

The Catit Fountain features a fun compact flow design which includes multiple settings for your cat. If you have one of those picky cats that don’t want to drink anything, then this may be the solution for you.

Each of the setting focuses on creating fresher water by pumping oxygen into it to make it fresh and better tasting. Cats are extremely sensitive to tap water, so even if you filter water once or twice, they still may be hesitant to drink it. Use this system by trying all three settings with your cat and see which one it prefers.

Product Highlights

The fountain can hold up to three liters of water and will continue to re-circulate it. Since this unit is built to be compact (9 x 8.3 x 7.7 inches), you can easily place this anywhere in your home. As for the design, it’s crafted from BPA-free materials and features an ergonomic design to match their other automatic device called the Catit Multi-Feeder.

When water fills the pump, the dual-action pump will filter out debris, minerals, and additives from tap water. This unit is designed to be eco-friendly, and the pump consumes low energy.

What's to like about the Catit Fountain

The extra water settings allow you to adjust the taste of the water to your cat’s preferences. This is better than purchasing multiple different units and having your cat reject each one. You’ll get three chances, and whichever one the pet prefers can be your new permanent setting.

What's not to like about the Catit Fountain

The edges of the bowl on the bottom will touch your cat’s whiskers. If you have a very picky cat or one that doesn’t like to have its whiskers touched, it may be hesitant to drink out of the bowl but may still drink from the free-falling stream.


  • check
    Multiple water flow settings
  • check
  • check
    Efficient filter
  • check
  • check
    Ergonomically designed
  • check
    Eco-friendly and energy efficient


  • Touches whiskers

3. Pedy Cat Water Fountain

The Pedy Cat Water Fountain is a medium-capacity water fountain for pets. It has three different water flow settings, which help pump extra oxygen into the water that makes it taste and smell better to cats. You’ll find that the Pedy brand took into consideration all high-quality materials, as this pet fountain is designed to be BPA-free and has a food-grade certification.

Product Highlights

The best cat water fountain can be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly, and all instructions on how to do that are included in the owner’s manual. The water capacity is 1.6 liters or 56 ounces, which is enough water for one pet for a week or multiple small pets if you continuously add new water into it every day.

There is a pet dispenser which has a carbon water filter to help remove toxins, odors, and small debris. It’s used to make the water taste better and fresher.

Unlike other models, the pump is very quiet and only uses 2W of power. Also, even if this unit is low on water, it can run silently for up to 48 hours.

What's to like about the Pedy Cat Water Fountain

We love that this is a medium-sized fountain, as many of the other models are often very big and take up floor space. If you’re just looking for a compact one that can sustain one pet, then this model is perfect for you.

What's not to like about the Pedy Cat Water Fountain

The only downside we’ve found with this pet fountain is that it is hard to disassemble and clean.


  • check
    Three water flow settings
  • check
    Unique design
  • check
    High-quality materials
  • check
    Quiet operation


  • Hard to clean

4. Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is a multi-tier drinking fountain which is excellent for multiple pets. If you’re looking for a solution to have various levels, which your pets won’t fight over, then this model may be your next favorite.

Product Highlights

The top rated cat water fountain features two ramps which allow water to fall freely without making any noise. Because of the ramps, you’ll also never see water splashing outside the bowl.

To make this unit sound even better, it has an installed isolated pump system, which means it operates completely quiet at all times. You or your cats won’t be bothered with pumping water during the night.

For better-tasting water, there is a polymer carbon filter that helps the water purification process. While the unit only comes with one, the company always makes replacement cartridges.

What's to like about the Cat Mate Pet Fountain

We enjoy that this unit has enough space for three different pets to drink water at the same time. Also, the polymer carbon filter helps eliminate even the smallest of debris and bacteria from the water.

What's not to like about the Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The only issue we’ve seen with this product is that it has a short lifespan. Since it functions so well to provide your pets with clean and clear fresh water with quiet operation, it overworks its components if left switched on 24/7. The average lifespan of this unit is half a year, so plan accordingly.


  • check
    Multi-tier bowls
  • check
    IPS pump system
  • check
    Quiet operation
  • check
    Very efficient filter


  • Short Lifespan

5. Moer Sky Pet Water Fountain

Our last pick for the best cat water fountain is the Moer Sky Pet Water Fountain. It features a large capacity which requires no replenishing for up to one month. Because of the large bowl, most types of pets are welcome to use it. It makes a natural birdbath and isn’t too high, that way, all sizes of animals can reach the fountain.

Product Highlights

This fountain has a two-liter capacity and can function without being changed for a month. Now, that doesn’t mean you can just let it sit there the entire month, as it still needs weekly cleaning. However, if you have an emergency and you can’t clean it, you know that the water will still be drinkable.

This unit is crafted from finely polished PP resin material, which is BPA-free and doesn’t contain toxins or other chemicals. It has food-grade certification and comes odorless, meaning picky cats will rejoice.

As for the process, you will barely hear the water being filtered as the pump is designed to function silently. It also uses 2W worth of power and can last a total of 20,000 hours and can run dry for a week without getting damaged.

There are precisely three water flow settings in this device namely waterfall, bubble, and gentle mode. You can switch between these settings anytime you like, and each setting still absorbs more oxygen and makes the water taste refreshing.

The best cat water foundation kit comes with an activated carbon filter, silicone mat, and the fountain in cyan blue.

What's to like about the Moer Sky Pet Water Fountain

The unique feature of this fountain is the three different water settings. Many other fountains just either are free falling or feature one other way to produce water. With this unit, you can change it up into fun bubbles, an impressive water flow, or just a gentle stream.

What's not to like about the Moer Sky Pet Water Fountain

While this unit does feature quiet operation, there are times when it makes noise. Multiple pet owners say that when the fountain is mostly full, you’ll hear a slight vibrating sound emitting from the machine.

While that may not be a big deal to others, it can scare the pets or be irritating. Nonetheless, the sound doesn’t last a long time, and will usually stop after a few moments.


  • check
    Large capacity
  • check
    Environmentally friendly
  • check
    Quiet operation
  • check
    Ergonomic design
  • check
    High Quality


  • Vibrates at times

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few needs to know when it comes to purchasing your first cat water fountain. In our buyer’s guide, we did our best to educate you so that you can make a better purchase. Before choosing one best cat water fountain with the top rating, make sure it meets all these qualifications first.

Water Capacity

Water capacity is one of the first factors that we’re going to mention because the capacity of how much a fountain can hold will impact how long it will last.

If you’re purchasing a huge, 2.1-liter fountain, then you can expect it to work for up to one month if only one pet is drinking out of it. However, if you get a small drinking fountain with only one-liter or less capacity, then you can expect to refill it more often, especially if you have more than one pet.


Ceramic is the way to go when it comes to cat fountains. Plastic or other types of material may not be BPA-free or hold up to particular health code standards. This, in turn, can end up chasing your cat to be sick or ill.

The toxins from these materials secrete out into the water, and you don’t want your furry little feline friend to get sick because of it. Instead, focus on buying a ceramic fountain that has a non-porous design. This can help create a sturdy fountain, but will also keep those nasty toxins away from your cat.

Bowl Size

The bowl size isn’t going to really matter unless you plan to purchase a cat water fountain for multiple pets. There’s convenience when it comes to having two bowls with numerous pets, and that’s because pets tend to get a bit dominant over objects or areas.

If one of your pets has been using one bowl for a long time, then it may not appreciate the other one using it. To prevent a fight, get one that has multiple bowls, peripherally of bigger size, and various drinking options.

Power Plug

The next aspect you’ll want to look at is a power plug. Often, this aspect is overlooked because owners believe that the cord is going to reach where they want the fountain to be. This is sadly untrue, and you’re going to need to plan ahead.

If there are objects in the way or the plug can easily be tripped over, consider taping it down to the ground or using an extension cord. You’ll want to place the fountain in an area you wouldn’t mind water splashing, and take care as to how close the plug is to the water or outlet. You don’t want your cats to get hurt because of that.


Cat fountains usually weigh anywhere from one to two pounds and will continue to get heavier when you add the water. It’s best to get a smaller model if you have a hard time bending down and carrying the fountain to the sink when it’s time to wash it.

Get a smaller model if you aren’t that strong because the extra weight from the water may make it too heavy to carry. You don’t want to drop the fountain causing water to go all over your kitchen or living room.

Cat Water Fountain FAQs

How to clean water fountain?

Cleaning a best cat water fountain is relatively simple. Just follow the manual instructions to disassemble the fountain and put all appropriate parts into soapy water. You should use pet-safe soap which can be found in a pet store since using dish soap or other cleansers may leave residue on the fountain and cause your cat to dislike the waste of the bowl.

Once you’re done washing the compartments, place them on a towel to air dry. You can then reassemble the fountain and pour fresh water in and plug it back in.

How do water fountains work?

Water fountains all work the same way. Depending on how big the capacity is, you’ll fill the fountain with water in the bowl.

The pump inside the fountain will then start to suck the water in and push it through a filter. If it has a sponge, the water will get filtered through that layer first to get rid of small debris or fur.

After that, it will be pushed through a carbon, charcoal, or coconut filter that will help remove impurities from the water. That will help the water taste better for your cat, as it will also remove any odors.

The water will then be pumped back up towards the fountain and then pushed out of it. This is where it goes back down into the bowl and begins the process again.

Are water fountains filtered?

Not all water in cat fountains is filtered. A fountain can still create a stream of water without having any filters installed.

If you want to purchase a cat fountain that contains filters, then you’re going to have to choose between activated charcoal, activated coconut, or the most common one called a carbon filter. You’ll find it labeled on the box or in the product description. Just know that you’re going to have to buy replacement filters as the ones installed into the machine aren’t permanent.

How much does a water fountain cost?

The average cost of a cat water fountain ranges anywhere from $20 to $60. The price tends to jump higher if it’s made from ceramic rather than plastic. Other factors that impact the pricing are the filter, capacity, and if it comes with a placemat or not.

While cheaper is usually better, we highly suggest that you look carefully into the reviews and details for the more affordable models because they often lack quality.

Are water fountains safe?

Yes, water fountains are safe to use. As long as they are being properly maintained and you’re switching out the filter every few weeks, then the water fountain is healthy and won’t make your pet ill.

The only issue you should be worried about is the device breaking, cracking, or malfunctioning, which is very rare. If your water fountain doesn’t turn on, it may have just ended its lifespan; many models don’t last past two years.

However, cat fountains that don’t come with a filter are unsanitary. Those are the models you have to keep an eye out for.

To explain how it works, imagine taking a sip out of a glass and pouring it into a filter and then drinking the water after it was filtered. Now, imagine doing that for a few days. As long as the water is filtered, you’re probably okay with drinking it.

Nonetheless, imagine drinking from the same glass of water every day without changing it. It will have an odd taste, smell, and harbors bacteria, so the water’s safety is also dependent on the glass that you used. The same rule should be applied to your catt’s fountain.


Cat fountains are an excellent way to get your animals to drink more water regularly. If you have a cat that is simply refusing to drink from a bowl and you’ve tried switching from plastic to glass or stainless steel and still are having a hard time, it may just be the quality of the water.

Luckily, ceramic cat fountains are crafted from high-quality materials that don’t have an odor or taste that disturbs cats. The water is filtered through one or multiple filters to make the water clean and taste fresh. The bonus of the fountain is enticing your cat to come over and check out the device.

If we had to recommend one unit, we’d have to say that the best cat water fountain on our list is the Meor Sky Pet Fountain. It features a large capacity, has three unique water settings, and can be used by multiple sized animals.

If the large capacity is too big for your home and you want to save on floor space, we can recommend the Pedy Cat water fountain because it is half the size and can fit into tight spaces.

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