Harmony Premium Cat Fountain Review

Harmony Premium Cat Fountain Review
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Harmony Premium Cat Fountain: QUICK OVERVIEW



Bowl Size


What We Like

  • Innovative design
  • Large capacity
  • Made of special ceramic

What We Don't Like

  • Makes noise

Every mammal needs to consume a certain amount of water every day to stay hydrated and healthy. Felines need at least four ounces of water per five pounds of weight, but sometimes it may be hard to get them to drink water. If you have a cat that tends to walk away every time you place its water bowl near it, then a pet fountain may be the solution.

Have you ever noticed how cats try to put their paw at running faucets? A fountain works the same way. It captures the attention of your cat and entices them to come to check it out.

If you are looking for one, we’ll look at the Harmony Premium Cat Fountain to see if it lives up to its “premium” label.

Harmony Premium Cat Fountain Review

This pet fountain has a unique bowl design that is easier for smaller animals to drink from. You’ll find that cats may have a hard time reaching the water in other fountains because the bowl is either too small or their whiskers brush up against other parts of the fountain, which can be uncomfortable. This bowl has large enough space so that they can drink comfortably while sitting or standing.

Who Is This Product For?

The Harmony fountain is best for kittens, cats, and small dogs. It’s less intimidating than other pet fountains because it’s spaced to have a wider bowl rather than a tall fountain.

The water will fall out of the smaller fountain which is located in the middle of the bowl, which won’t obstruct the remaining water in the basin. If you have a cat or dog that is small, then this fountain may be of use to you.

What’s Included?

The kit includes the Harmony premium cat fountain, which includes both a charger and a carbon filter.

Overview of Features

Listed below are the key features of the Harmony Premium Cat Fountain.


A carbon filter is installed in the system and should be replaced every two to three weeks. The filtration system helps keep debris or bacteria from contaminating the water. The end result is that your pet gets access to clean and fresh water all day long.


The Harmony Fountain features a circular black bowl which has three different fountains for your pets to drink out of. If you have multiple pets, you won’t have to worry about them fighting over one area, as each of them will get to drink water with ease.


We think you’ll enjoy the high water capacity in this unit which can hold up to 107 ounces of water. You won’t need to replace the water for up to three weeks, as it will continuously filter and replenish the water for your pet.

This makes it highly recommended for short trips or overnight stays. That way, you know your pet is getting enough hydration when you’re away. Just be aware that some animals do tend to knock over or splash the bowls, so keep them in a safe area with a towel underneath it.

How to Use

Unlike similar models on the market, this pet fountain doesn’t come with multiple parts. This means that there is no assembly required.

First, wash the bowl and make sure that everything is intact. Once you have it ready to go, plug it in. You can then pour in 107 ounces of water for the filter to work. It may take an hour or two to filter the water fully, and then your cat can drink from it.

Just a simple reminder though that it may take your pet a few hours to days to get used to the device. They’ll eventually warm up to it over time. While the water does refill itself, it’s best to clean out the bowl every few days and replace the water.


A pet fountain that you can consider if you only have one pet or two small pets is the DADYPET Cat Water Fountain. It is made from food-grade resin material and is BPA-free, ensuring that your pet won’t be exposed to any toxins. Everyone knows that water that sits out gets dirty and fur may fall into the water that is why a high-quality activated carbon filter is installed in this fountain.

Cats are picky with how their water tastes, which is why many of them don’t get enough fluids during the day. The recirculation system of this product helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the water to help keep it fresh tasting.

DADYPET includes 2W power consumption that will keep your electric bill low, and the unit has a lifespan of two years or more with proper care. To ensure that your pet won’t be scared of the product, the fountain features silent operation. As for capacity, the fountain can hold up to two liters of water.


Knowing that your pet is getting enough water throughout the day can give you peace of mind, especially when you are at work or you travel a lot. Instead of hiring someone else to feed or give water to your animals, you can use a completely automatic set.

The Harmony Premium Cat Fountain can hold approximately three liters of water, which is enough for a few weeks, and more than enough two to three pets. Just remember to replace the filter every few weeks, especially before you go away on a trip.

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Kim Grannis - December 21, 2019 Reply

I have purchased two Harmony cat water dishes and they both just leak everywhere. I thought the first one I bought was just faulty so I bought another one and it leaks all over the floor. I cannot figure it out :(((((

    Pets Quick - January 4, 2020 Reply

    That is very disappointing. You should look at some other cat water fountain. We have reviewed a few others.

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