Homdox Pet Drinking Fountain Review

Homdox Pet Drinking Fountain Review
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Homdox Pet Drinking Fountain: QUICK OVERVIEW



Bowl Size


What We Like

  • Silent operation
  • Large capacity
  • Made of safe materials

What We Don't Like

  • LED lights break

Pet drinking fountains are sanitary, easy to use, and will keep your pet entertained throughout the day. If you’re finding that your cat or dog is having a hard time drinking water from its water bowl during the day, then investing in a pet fountain may be what you need.

Pet fountains don’t just entertain your pets, but they also keep the water extra sanitary by filtering the water continuously during the day. This provides your cat with clean water that doesn’t come with any chemicals, toxins, or odors that may deter them from taking a sip.

Animals are known for being interested in moving objects, especially moving water. You’ve seen cats put their paw at running faucets and dogs trying to drink water from sprinklers. With an electric fountain just like the Homdox Pet Drinking Fountain, there will continuously be running water available to them at all times.

Homdox Pet Drinking Fountain Review

The Homdox fountain is a unique pet fountain both usable by dogs and cats. It features a unique carbon absorption filter which is crafted from coconut shells, granulated carbon, and charcoal. This ensures that the water is top quality and can help get those picky pets to drink water again.

Unlike other pet fountains, this product has one of the most hygienic and environmentally friendly filters. It also doesn’t contain any plastic.

Who Is This Product For?

This pet fountain is best for individuals who own cats and dogs that are of the medium or large size. If you have a rough time getting your pet hydrated, then this pet fountain may be of use to you.

What’s Included?

The kit includes the Homdox Pet Fountain, an AC adapter, and a user manual.

Overview of Features

Here is a quick look at the Homdox Pet Fountain:

Capacity and Drinking Methods

The fountain can hold up to 2.1 liters of water, which provides your cat or dog with three different drinking methods. There’s a waterfall at the top of the basin, which is a favorite of most animals as it’s easy and accessible when it trickles down the fountain. At the top of the fountain, there is a small bowl wherein the water flows out of, and this is perfect for small animals. There’s also a 360-degree drinking surface at the bottom.

Material Used in Its Construction

Ceramics are created from natural materials which are safe for animals to drink out of. The material is made by being placed into 1,300 degrees of temperature to glaze the outside surface and have a clean and smoother finish. This makes the fountain easy to clean and disinfect and won’t hold onto any bacteria or secrete any toxins from multiple uses.


The Homdox features a strong and sturdy design which is break-resistant and can be knocked down multiple times. The dual falling streams feature two different streams on each side of the fountain, which add oxygen for added freshness. An AC pump is installed and will continue to function quietly even after days of use, ensuring that you won’t notice it running during the daytime or night time.

Filter System

The fountain is equipped with a double carbon filter. It’s no secret that cats and dogs will drop hair or other dirt into their water bowls. To keep a clean and consistent flow of fresh water, the filters will help filter out any debris, taste, or bad odors that may keep the animal from drinking the water.

How to Use

Use the instruction manual to put all the pieces of the fountain together. It’s also good to wash and disinfect the fountain with mild soap before your first time of use.

You’ll then need to plug in the water fountain in an area where you won’t mind water splashing or if your pet accidentally knocks it over. As an added tip, keep a towel underneath the pet fountain at all times.

Pour up to 2.1 liters of water into the bowl and watch as the water starts to come out of the top of the fountain.


An alternative pet fountain is the OWNPETS Pet Drinking Fountain. It can hold up to 0.8 gallons of drinking water. It’s suitable for all sizes of cats and dogs and features a free-falling water stream. There are two drinking areas located at the top and bottom of the fountain.

A double filter is integrated wherein the first layer is a sponge filter which stops debris and dust from entering the device and a second coconut activated carbon filter is responsible for helping remove bacteria from the water. Lastly, the OWNPETS has a super quiet motor which won’t scare or disturb you or your pets.


Pet fountains are an excellent way to make sure that your furry friends are getting enough water to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Finicky pets that often avoid the water bowl may find that a pet fountain is more exciting and easier to drink out of.

The high capacity of the Homdox Pet Drinking Fountain is amongst its stand out features, especially to owners who are out the whole day. The filtration system ensures that your pet is provided with clean and odorless water, which can help encourage your pet to drink more water.

As a bonus, the fountain’s design may catch your pet’s eyes throughout the day, prompting it to drink more water and stay hydrated.

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