How to Hydrate A Cat That Won’t Drink Water?

How to Hydrate A Cat That Won’t Drink Water?

Whenever I take care of my cat, it definitely ends up a bit challenging and tiring. Every one of us who already have or had pets do understand how much effort we need to put into taking care of our pets.

Do you notice that your cat isn’t drinking their water or is only drinking a minimal amount of water compared to their usual?

To begin with, most cats actually usually don’t drink water very much. Cats typically get the moisture that they need from their diet. Sadly though, most of the cat food today is pretty much just dry food, which only contains about six up to ten percent moisture. This amount is way too low compared to rodents or canned or wet cat food.

How can you tell if your cat is not drinking enough water?

Before I tell you how to make your cat that doesn’t drink very much water be hydrated, let’s see how we should tell if one of your cats is dehydrated.

Here are signs or how to tell whether or not your cat is dehydrated:

  • Listlessness – whenever one of my cats or very unenthusiastic or not very energetic, it is probably good to consider that maybe your cat is dehydrated or is not drinking enough of their water.
  • It might also be that one of my cats is dehydrated if they’re not eating their food, so it should definitely a whole lot easier to notice whether or not one of my cats isn’t drinking enough or aren’t drinking water at all.
  • Dry and tacky gums are a symptom that I can check anytime and is also pretty easy to do, which also makes me tell if my cat is drinking water. It’s also really good to check daily if they do have dry and tacky teeth.
  • A cat’s skin is elastic and is also very much supple because of the fluids that I provide for them. How can I tell if their skin is elastic and supple enough? Well, that is actually a very simple thing to do. Pinching the excess or extra skin they have between the shoulder blades, which makes a tent should go back to normal in one second or even less. If it takes much longer, they’re probably thirsty.
  • My cats that are dehydrated could also be a symptom of diarrhea. Therefore, I should probably check the litter to tell whether or not my cat has been pooping much more often compared to the amount they usually poop.
  • Dehydrated and very good hydrated cat ’s eyes do look very different whether or not you believe me. When compared to a well-hydrated cat, a dehydrated cat usually has a much more sunken or dull look whenever I look at them.
  • If cats don’t drink water and keep themselves dehydrated, peeing less is a symptom that would be very obvious. Thus, if I do notice your cat peeing way less and pooping way more than the usual, it would be a really good idea to try things that will be mentioned later.
  • Depression could also be another reason why they’re dehydrated, so I should try my best to make him feel much happier and much healthier. If they do end up overcoming their depression, they probably will drink enough water that they need.
  • A normal cat’s normal heart rate would be around 140 to 220 per minute. For really relaxed cats, it could be lower. If you do notice your cat’s heart rate increases, it is also a symptom of dehydration.

11 Tips on How to Hydrate a Cat that won’t Drink Water

A dehydrated cat is not a healthy cat, which is why it’s also good to make sure that I do anything possible so that they’ll start drinking and be well-hydrated again. There are a lot of tips out there on the internet.

That’s why I put most of the ones that I found into this article so that it can also eventually help you or me if one of my cats does get dehydrated.

Hydrating my cat could definitely prove to be very difficult since you have to try a ton of things just so that I’ll get them actually to be hydrated. It is a part of being the owner of your pet, which is also why I should never complain or be pessimistic whenever one of my cats does stop drinking water. Anyway, enough with the rambling.


Here are some steps that you can take to hydrate a cat that won’t drink water:

  • The location of the food and water container could be something that would actually make my cat not drink water very often. Such as if I put it near where my cat’s poop, they probably wouldn’t want to drink water so close to where they pee and poop.
  • Adding ice cubes to my cat’s water bowl can definitely prove to might work since it may end up being a little treat in their opinion, as well as that it actually does add more moisture to the room- temperature water that they drink.
  • A cat doesn’t just need one water bowl, right? If I want to make sure that my cat actually does drink water, it’s good to put more water bowls around the house so that they can drink water in areas that can be far apart from my cat’s main water bowl.
  • Cats can end up developing a taste where they might not drink normal water but actually may just end up preferring and just drinking flavored water. Adding a little hint of chicken broth or adding a hint of tuna juice may end up hydrating my cat.
  • It’s no surprise that cats could end up being picky about a ton of things. Although it might come as a shock to you, cats can actually develop a style for food or water bowls. So, I should try out changing up the water bowl or bowls to see if my cat does have a specific preference when it comes to water bowls.
  • Just like us humans, I’m sure that we all like or prefer freshwater compared to water from a week ago, so how exactly would I feel if I only got new or fresh water for like a few weeks? I’m sure that I wouldn’t even drink that water. I should consider changing up the water my cats receive regularly.
  • Cats don’t just need water if they want to be hydrated. Wet food is definitely out there, which could help out a lot. Giving my cats wet cat food is an alternative to hydrate them. If they also don’t eat that, I could also try putting water in their cat food, making a kind of broth, I guess. But it might work as a kind of trick to hydrate them.
  • Some cats may be very interested and drawn to running water, which is honestly a very big opportunity to take if my cat is interested in running water. Since not only would he be hydrated but it could also be my chance to bond with them. That’s probably why I should turn on the faucet maybe every morning, afternoon and evening for a few minutes.
  • Just like with cats drinking from running water, they could actually also prefer drinking from fountains too. Most of my cats actually also do enjoy drinking from a fountain. Getting my cat something like a ceramic cat water fountain could actually end up helping him a lot if they won’t actually drink water from their water bowls or if they also won’t drink from the faucet.
  • From a cat’s point of view, eating is much more important compared to drinking their water. That’s why I should actually also consider giving them less food but more water. I could also try mixing the food and water together, which could end up working just like mentioned earlier.


Every cat is different in its own way. One or more of these tips may work for them, or some of them might not. So, it could end up taking a long time. Once you do actually try all of these and none of these works, you should take them to the vet immediately. Keep in mind that dehydration is actually symptoms to some illnesses that my and your cats may have gotten, such as diarrhea just like mentioned earlier. So, I should take them to the vet at the earliest.

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