How To Get Your Sick Cat To Drink Water

How To Get Your Sick Cat To Drink Water
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We know that being a cat-human can be trying at times. But when your little ball of joy climbs on top of your lap at the end of a stressful day at work and presses their head to your chest, all the trouble you go through feels worth it. And when this feline friend falls ill, there is no feeling worse than that.

Staying hydrated is very important for a cat because their little bodies can lose water very rapidly and become weak in the matter of a few days. A dehydrated cat can develop various problems over a very short period of time. It’s of utmost importance to make your cat drink water on their own when they’re sick because force-feeding doesn’t go too well with felines.

1. Place bowls of water all around your house:

This might feel like a weird approach to make your cat drink some water when they’re sick, but it really does work in some cases!

Cats tend to stroll around your whole house throughout the day. Place two to three bowls of water in each room of your house, especially where your cat visits frequently. Target those places more where they spend most of their time or sit for prolonged hours. This is only a primary step to try to encourage your cat into drinking water when they are sick. It might not always work, but in some cases they do.

You can also consider using a good ceramic cat water fountain.

2. Change the water in the bowls frequently:

Cats are very particular about the food they eat and the water they drink. They sense whether the water is fresh or has been sitting there for a while, with their excellent nose.

If the water in the bowl has had its considerable share of time inside your cat’s bowl, then the probability of your little buddy drinking it is little to nil. So, in order to increase the chances of your cat drinking from bowls around the house, make sure you keep changing the existing water in the bowl with fresh water from time to time.

3. Get new bowls of different colors and sizes:

Change up the type of bowls you feed your cat in! Believe it or not, the appearance and feel of the bowl they drink from, can spike curiosity in your cat and make them try to drink the water in the bowl.

Cats are moody beings and keeping them satisfied is not always an easy feat. And when they are sick, it becomes even more difficult to try to get them to eat or drink anything. A simple trick like picking on their curiosity by changing up regular drinking bowls with bowls of different colors and shapes and sizes can encourage them to try drinking from these new ones.

4. Change the taste of the water:

Finding the right taste of water for your feline bud can be a truly crucial task. You may have to experiment with several tastes and sources before your cat finds one that they like. When you find the right taste of water that your cat likes, place a fresh bowl of the same in every room of your house, to maximize the chances of them drinking.



These usually work for most sick kitties. But if none of these works, you may consider taking them to a veterinary hospital and get some fluid into their system through a saline drip.

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